I have always found great pleasure in the design process as well as trying to understand the story a designer tells within their chosen medium.

My undergraduate studies in anthropology and archaeology at ASU (Appalachian State Univ.) fueled my passion, curiosity, and respect for different cultures and the inherent mysteries reflected in their artifacts.

I later pursued a Master's degree in landscape architecture at NCSU, writing my thesis on sacred geometries and both their utilization in the design process of ancient landscapes and modern-day applications.

Following an award-winning career in landscape architecture, I found a passion for metalsmithing. I am both taught and self-taught in traditional silversmithing techniques. Drawing inspiration from past careers and travels across North America and Italy, including a summer living and studying in Mexico, I began working on designs that have evolved into the Relics collection. ⁣

In my free time, I love nothing more than playing in the great outdoors. Surfing is my passion and the main inspiration for my Endless Summer collection. There is something soulfully empowering in calmly drifting in the sea, waiting for the right wave, and then fusing with nature's energy for a brief moment in time for an exhilarating ride. Surfing brings me to center and reminds me not to let fear stifle my dreams. I try to capture that same adventurous and empowering, free spirit in all of my jewelry designs, whether dressed up or down. I hope it is ageless and boundless. ⁣

Above all, I hope you find my jewelry empowers and inspires your unique story. We all make up that big sea of endless unique waves, and, in our differences, we form ripples of perfection.

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