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Lefler DesignStudio Copy of Shining Starfish Necklace 18" Sterling Silver Rolo Chain necklace
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Shining Starfish Necklace - Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Shell Yeah Earrings -Wholesale wholesale
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Shell Yeah Earrings -Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Shining Starfish Earrings -Wholesale wholesale
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Shining Starfish Earrings -Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio New Moon Necklace -Wholesale wholesale
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New Moon Necklace -Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Earth Orbit Necklace - Wholesale wholesale
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Earth Orbit Necklace - Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Circling Sharks Ring -Wholesale wholesale
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Circling Sharks Ring -Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Shining Starfish Charm Necklace-Wholesale 18" 3mm Rubber Cord necklace
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Shining Starfish Charm Necklace-Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Simple Asymmetry Earrings - Wholesale 5mm Onyx and 4mm Turquoise earrings
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Simple Asymmetry Earrings - Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Roped Ring -Wholesale wholesale
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Roped Ring -Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio ZBamboo Ring ring
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Bamboo Ring -Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Simple Shark Skin Ring - Wholesale ring
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Simple Sands Ring - Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Nailed It Necklace - Wholesale necklace
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Nailed It Necklace - Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Turbulent Swell Earrings - Wholesale Polished Finish -Regular wholesale
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Turbulent Swell Earrings - Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Larimar Hurricane Cuff - Wholesale wholesale
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Larimar Hurricane Cuff - Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Pier Play- Wholesale wholesale
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Pier Play- Wholesale
Lefler DesignStudio Pier MoonRise - Wholesale wholesale
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Pier MoonRise - Wholesale